Coach Mom

Helping You Play the Recruiting Game


Financial Support

Participating in the recruiting game can be both time consuming and costly. Coach Mom provides a realistic assessment of your finances and can help your family make a realistic plan to move your student-athlete through the recruitment process.

Mental Readiness

The recruiting game is no easy business. Coach Mom helps prep both families and student-athletes to get into the right mind-frame of what to expect and how to succeed in achieving the next level.

Academic Assessment

Coach Mom provides full-service academic assessment and support including report card review, course selection, entrance essay guidance and much more.

Skill Development & Exposure

Coach Mom will complete a personalized skill assessment and create a skill development plan, including pairing you with the right coaches. Once you’re up to par, Coach Mom will assist you in getting the exposure you need to pursue the best opportunities.

Our Story

Sharon Butler is the founder and CEO of Coach Mom, an initiative created through real-life experiences. As a Canadian mother and basketball coach herself, Sharon was faced with an onslaught of conflicting information when preparing her own son for American Prep School. It was through this process that Sharon realized just how complex and difficult preparation for this goal can be, which prompted her desire to share not only her first-hand experiences but her wealth of knowledge pertaining to this subject.

Her expertise has been developed through years of experience. She holds a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education from the University of Toronto and is a level 3 certified coach. She coached basketball at the college level for 15 years, played at the university level for 4 years, represented Canada in the sport of netball across the globe as well as competed in the Commonswealth games.  Added to this is her ultimate victory- her son, who is now on full scholarship at an American university and excelling both athletically and academically.

Coach Mom was founded from Sharon’s passion for delivering results and providing opportunities to young Canadian athletes. She has dedicated her life to becoming an expert in this field and has a track record of working with young athletes that is bar-none.

Top Services Student-Athletes Use from Coach Mom

  • Academic Advising 90%
  • Skills Development 80%
  • Prep School Admissions 95%
  • Scholarship Preparation & Planning 90%